The Number One Thing You Need in Any Weight Loss Program


It’s come up in almost every one of my check ins with my girls this week.

“Can we speed this up? Can we cut my carbs? Can we add cardio?”

The funny thing is, the longer you stay on any program (which then actually turns into your life, and not just a program…) the less you find yourself saying those things.

Ask my coach the last time I asked for MORE cardio. Or to cut my carbs? #youcray

Give me MORE food. Give me LESS cardio.

But that’s because I am in LOVE with this process. I have truly fallen in love with it. I couldn’t say that before when I was eating whatever I wanted off of my diet and then throwing myself into a harsh diet with 75% of my time spent on a cardio machine with zero tracking of my training progress.

Shouldn’t I be pushing myself to be a better me EVERY time I step in the gym? EVERY time I go to eat?

That is exactly why my advice to you is to find the process that:

#1) Works for YOU

Every body is different. That’s why not everyone is going to flourish on a ketogenic or paleo diet. No one is taking bread and rice away from me. #sorrynotsorry

#2) You actually enjoy

How the hell are you supposed to follow a program (and be successful in the LONG term) if you’re absolutely miserable the entire time? I mean… I know it’s not rocket science, but come on.

#3) That you can ALWAYS see yourself following

I don’t know about you but I’m over always being on a diet. So let’s stick with something that we can actually see ourselves doing a year from now.

Alright so let’s fast forward a bit.

I’m following this process. It’s only been a month or two. Why is this so damn SLOW?!?!

This is where patience comes in.

You have to work and you have to work HARD, but the best of the best comes after you’ve allowed yourself to stay the course.

Your best body, mindset, willpower… comes after you’ve dug through most of the crap that everyone else would’ve given up on way back when.

Next thing you know your husband can’t stop grabbing your butt, your friends are begging you to tell you what you’ve been doing, and you’ve skipped the Taco Bell drive thru every week for the last 3 months.


You just need some patience and the right guidance and the sky is the limit.